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We provide the solution centering on isyscore BI-OS(Business Intelligent Operating System), key technology, implementation and integration as the first advocator and practitioner of BI-OS.


Instruction SetTMFounded in August 2018 by Dr. Pan Aimin, a leading figure in the computer industry. We have gathered technical and industry experts from top universities or famous companies at home and abroad. At present, we have set up headquarters and R&D centers of over 1000 square meters in Hangzhou, and have laid out subsidiaries in Shanghai and Chongqing in order to provide better localization services.

Instruction SetTM is not only to build a business company, but also to make the world more interconnected and intelligent. By creating a secure and controllable autonomous intelligent operating system (iSyscoreTM Business Intelligence Operating System, hereinafter referred to as iSyscoreTM BI-OS), we can provide intelligent, safe, open and easy-to-use underlying software facilities and supporting solutions for the transformation of digital wisdom, and help the government and enterprises improve efficiency and value.

iSysCore Intelligent Operating System

iSyscoreTM I-OS research and development by Instruction Set, With all kinds of Internet of Things devices including various information sensors as the external devices of the operating system, data-driven and algorithm-based as the core, an analysis and decision-making system based on global intelligence is established, which supports the vertical response of wisdom in different scenarios through basic and critical data, algorithms and business services ecology


iSyscoreTM I-OS mainly divided into three layers, namely equipment layer, data layer and service layer.

Equipment Layer| The ability to digitize the physical worldWith the technology of intelligent digital gateway, the data collected by various sensors are modeled to calculate the irreversible intermediate results of encryption, which are uploaded to the data layer and fused with other data. At the same time, with the open platform of equipment and standardized configuration tools, it is convenient for third parties to develop and access diversified Internet of Things devices.

Data Layer | Data, Computing and Algorithmic Model:Data centers solve the problem of "data islands" among different subsystems; computing centers can concurrently process billions of magnanimity of data, realize real-time/quasi-real-time computing and save enterprise costs by using cloud resources; algorithm model base will cover general artificial intelligence algorithms (such as face recognition) and data computation for business scenarios. Method (such as intelligent production scheduling, sales forecasting, etc.).

Service Layer |Basic and critical servicesThe basic and critical services shared by vertical applications in different scenarios are stripped and consolidated in the service layer. For example, core data services include user portraits, device portraits and label systems, such as report engine, indicator system, expert system, 3D engine and streaming media, and core business services include user rights management, device identification management, etc.


The key of iSysCore intelligent operating system is not a single module, but a set of system capabilities output from device layer, data layer, service layer and security system. It has the characteristics of intelligence, security, openness and ease of use. In specific scenarios, instruction set operating system can make the combination of hardware and software (device ecology and application ecology) better, make user experience better, and make interconnection and wisdom more possible.

Wisdom | From Local Intelligence to Global IntelligenceVertical applications will be interoperable, and systems will be linked together, so that buildings, parks and factories or retail stores all online, digital, and achieve global intelligence. At the same time, through the algorithmic model and data as the basic raw material, it is not only the regularized intelligence, but also the intelligence that can create, learn and plan.

Security | Real-time, stable and reliable operationThe way of system integration focuses on the realization of functions, ignores security, or because of the lack of top-level architecture design, even considering security, it is difficult to solve security risks from the architecture. The overall security solution provided by the instruction set TM intelligent operating system incorporates all subsystems and equipment under the instruction set into the security system, solves the problem of independent protection of each subsystem under the traditional mode, and reduces the investment and cost of security operation and maintenance

Open |An Open Development Framework with Easy Iteration and ExtensibilityiSyscoreTMI-OS have an open architecture, he can be compatible with other service providers to develop and use, including cloud computing companies, intelligent hardware companies, vertical application developers, etc., to achieve ecological co-construction. It is not only an open device-oriented platform, but also a vertical application support platform for running, storing locally or depending on the cloud.


Access to various devices in the device layer, and data structure and standardization in the data layer, so that massive, multi-dimensional data can be applied, and at the same time can "dialogue" with each other. In the service layer, business services and data services are output modularization and building blocks to improve the algorithm reuse rate, solve the development problems of intelligent applications in different scenarios, and improve the development efficiency.

Easy to use | Compatibility, Visualization, Cross-Platform AvailabilityiSyscoreTMI-OS can also run in the cloud on the device side. It can support private cloud or hybrid cloud deployment. It can use a variety of multimedia display means, such as holographic projection, VR/AR, etc. It can support a variety of interactive modes, such as somatosensation, voice and so on. The visual experience is better and the operation is more convenient.


Company Cultures
  • Take Customer Value seriously
    Instruction Set is not just a company, which is to make the world more connected and more intelligent.

    We hope everyone in Instruction Set to create real value and build a better future for the world with what they have done, and be full-filled with pride and energy. It is encouraged that seeing from the view of customers and end users, leading our decisions made according to customers' insight. We expect all in this company can do their best to continuously seek better way to exceed the expectations of their customers and end users.

  • Embrace the Change
    Instruction Set focuses on innovation and continuous improvement and is committed to promoting the common growth of the company and its employees.

    We hope everyone in Instruction Set has the desire to win, to leave the comfort zone, and constantly to challenge and chase success with the attitude of "I CAN". We expect to be not satisfied with the status quo and always maintain the attitude of "It could be better". We could constantly evolve our products, services, ways of working and ourselves.We are committed to being associated with good people, welcoming a frank and open diversity of opinions, being fond of change and subversion a...
  • Actions speak louder than words
    Rules in Instruction Set are results-oriented, encouraging hard-to-do, opposing rhetoric, and eliminating bureaucracy, mediocrity and mediocrity.

    We hope everyone in Instruction Set can focus on solving the most important problems, not to escape when facing tough problems and to put an end to worthless work. We encourage everyone to make decisions and take the responsibility, to refuse to excessive consensus or over assessment, even if some times might not right or opposed by others. We accept more practical results and avoid following rules but get no results. Bold actions are acceptable, so do not refuse to act for the reason "afra...
Core Team
Pan Aimin / CEO
Bachelor of Mathematics, Nankai University. Master of Engineering, Tsinghua University. PhD in computer science, Peking University.
Pan Aimin / CEO
Bachelor of Mathematics, Nankai University. Master of Engineering, Tsinghua University. PhD in computer science, Peking University.
He has more than 20 years experience and is a leading figure in computer industry. Has worked in the Computer Research Institute of Peking University, Microsoft Research Asia, Grand Innovation Institute, Alibaba Group. Served as the chief architect of Alibaba Cloud, Ministry of Security, Flying Pig Division and E-commerce business platform.
Song Yang / CTO
Bachelor, China University of Science and Technology. Ph. Computer, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Song Yang / CTO
Bachelor, China University of Science and Technology. Ph. Computer, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Has years of experience in Internet technology working in Alibaba, Grand Innovation Institute, engaged in system research and development Internet of Things and mobile security studies for a lone time. He was the Leader of Ali Security Pandora Laboratory.
Xing Xi / CMO
Bachelor of Information Security and Bachelor of Business Administration, China University of Science and Technology.
Xing Xi / CMO
Bachelor of Information Security and Bachelor of Business Administration, China University of Science and Technology.
He has worked in Danone, Kraft, Unilever and other multinational enterprises, with more than 10 years of FMCG and retail sales management experience. He has served as Unilever China Sales senior deputy director and intelligent retail coach, experienced in the field of sales management, key customer management and new retail.
Ma Jun/VP
Initiator of Western Intelligent Manufacturing Alliance Standing Director of China Labor Association
Ma Jun/VP
Initiator of Western Intelligent Manufacturing Alliance Standing Director of China Labor Association
The founder of the Western Intelligent Manufacturing Alliance/Association, the executive director of the China Labor Society, the founding director of the China Information Management Alliance and the member of the Science and Technology Innovation and Investment Advisory Committee of the China Association for Science and Technology Promotion. He was a director, vice president and chief expert of Chang'an Automobile Company. He was in charge of enterprise management innovation, information construction and human resources management.
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